What Makes a Mercedes GLC 300 SUV the Safe Choice for Your Family?

Whether you have a family or you are driving solo, you want to make sure that the vehicle you are driving is safe. When you are choosing a new SUV, you certainly want to make sure that you investigate the standard and optional safety features that it can offer before you make a choice and buy a vehicle. When you choose the GLC 300, you will find that it has been rated well as a safe option and offers a variety of safety-focused features that make this a great choice!

Driver-Assisting Safety Features - This SUV Has Your Back!

Not having proper awareness is one of the big problems for many drivers. Even though you might be trying to keep your eyes on the road, it’s not always easy. Fortunately, this vehicle can help. There is a standard rearview camera, which provides you with a clear view when you are going in reverse, such as backing out of a parking spot. Another nice feature is ATTENTION ASSIST, which can monitor your driving behaviors and let you know if it detects that you are drowsy or not driving as you usually do.

The available Active Blind Spot Assist lets you know when there are vehicles in your blind spot, and the SUV can even help you to stay in your lane. These technological safety features can really make a difference when you are out on the road, and they have the potential to reduce accidents. While this technology can be extremely helpful, it is important to make sure you utilize it properly and always drive safely.

Better Braking Keeps You Safe

The GLC 300 also has some nice advancements when it comes to braking. Some of the features include hill-start assist, brake HOLD, predictive brake priming, and automatic brake drying. Again, it’s features like these that help to reduce the risk of accidents and make the vehicle safer for you and for others out on the road around you.

Stability & Other Safety Features

Some of the additional safety features that you can expect include antilock braking systems, improved stability control, and quality airbags. There is plenty to love when it comes to the safety and security features that are provided by the Mercedes GLC 300.

More than Just a Safe SUV

While the SUV is certainly safe thanks to the features that it offers, there is more to the GLC 300 than just safety. You will find that it is a powerful and reliable SUV that has a range of technological features and refinements that help to make it a wonderful choice for families, new professionals, and just about every driver looking for an SUV. It also happens to have a great design, and you know that it will look great sitting in front of your home.


Visit your dealership today to test out the safety features on the Mercedes GLC 300 and discover why it is such a popular choice as a stylish, luxurious, and safe SUV!

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