The Mercedes GLE 350 has Advanced Tech to Keep Up with Your Busy Life

Mercedes is a brand that’s typically associated with quality and luxury. When you choose an SUV like the Mercedes GLE 350, you’ll find that the brand certainly lives up to its name in those regards. You will also discover that the vehicles today are filled with wondrous technology that can help make many aspects of driving, traveling, and your life, much easier. Let’s look at some of the advanced technology that you can expect to find when you buy or lease one of these new luxury SUVs.

Ambient Lighting to Suit Your Mood

This is likely something that you never knew you wanted or needed until you see it in action. The cabin of the GLE has available 64-color LED ambient lighting. The colors could be changed to suit your style or mood at the time. You can use different colors in sequence, or use special motifs, as well. This is a little touch that can make the vehicle feel truly special, sophisticated, and all your own.

Digital Instruments and Artificial Intelligence

The GLE 350 has digital instruments that float on the dash, along with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience. You can speak naturally to the vehicle and it will listen and learn. You can use this to control various features of the vehicle and to help you find your next destination. There is also an Interior Assistant available, which can respond to your gestures and when you reach. The tech in the vehicle is smart enough that it can learn new phrases and your habits, which means you can simply talk to the vehicle normally and conversationally to get it to take action.

The vehicle also has a 12.3” touchscreen, along with a console touchpad and steering wheel touchpad controls. This means that you have more ways to use the system other than just your voice. For perfect smartphone connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard with the vehicle. There is even an ionizer that can be used with subtle fragrance infusions.

Easy to Keep Up to Date

With all of this tech, you might be wondering just how you can keep it all up to date. Fortunately, that’s quite easy. You can take care of the updates to the vehicle when it is in your driveway and connected to your Wi-Fi. The new models can be a rolling hotspot, keeping you and your passengers connected on the go!

This Could Be the Perfect SUV for You

As you can see, there it plenty of quality technology found in this SUV that helps to make it a connected vehicle that keeps up with your busy life, and these are just some of the features. The tech, along with the design, style, engine, and all of the other features of the GLE 350 help to make it a solid choice for those searching for a great vehicle that can help them manage a busy life!

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