Discover the Main Safety Features on Mercedes E-Class Vehicles

When trying to make a choice of which vehicle you should get next, or which vehicle might be right for a family member, you have many things to consider. You need to consider not only the performance of the vehicle and the price, but you also have to put a lot of thought into the safety features that are available. After all, whenever you or loved one is behind the wheel, you want them to be as protected as possible. Fortunately, you will find that the Mercedes E-Class models offer more than a few impressive safety features.

Overview of Basic Safety Features

Today, you will expect that vehicles will have certain safety features that are standard on most of the models. You’ll find that many of those that you expect are included with the Mercedes E- Class vehicles. They have antilock brakes, which can sense when the tires stopped rotating due to extreme breaking and will then modulate the brake pressure. The vehicles also contain stability control, which can help to prevent the driver from losing control.

Of course, there are quality airbags in the E-Class. These include front, side, overhead, and knee airbags. With all of these airbags, it can help to provide more overall protection for the driver and the passenger in the event of an accident. The vehicles also have pretensioner seat belts that will automatically tighten the belts in case there is an accident. There are anti-whiplash head restraints geared to provide more safety for the heads of those in the vehicle. This can help to reduce the risk of suffering from whiplash in an accident.

The vehicles also have a security system that can help to anticipate and detect when intruders are trying to get into the cars. An ignition disabling device will work to prevent the engine from starting if the original manufacturer key is not being used, keeping your vehicle protected from being stolen.

Advanced Safety Features

Of course, you’ll also find a wealth of advanced safety features and technology in the E-Class designed to help keep you and others safe when you are out on the road. Some of these advanced features include PRE-SAFE Sound, which senses a collision and floods the cabin with pink noise to get your ears ready to provide a natural defense against loud noises in an accident. In addition, Active Distance Assist is available to help with cruise control. There are plenty of great features that help to keep the vehicle safe.

Time to Get Your Own Mercedes E-Class Vehicle

If you have been considering a model in the E-Class, now is the time to make the commitment. If you still have some questions about the safety features or specific amenities on different models in the class, head to your dealership and talk to an expert! You can test out each model and learn how these safety features interact to create greater peace of mind on every drive.

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