The Mercedes E 450 Can Handle All Weather

When people think of vehicles that are capable of plowing through harsh winter weather they usually don’t think of cars. But the Mercedes E 450 has come along to challenge that notion with its versatile functions that make it an efficient option for any winter conditions that come its way.

During the nice sunny summer days, the E 450 offers speed-sensing steering and sport suspension to let you handle those curves and turns without having to slow down to a crawl. These features combined with the front and rear anti-roll bars help to ensure that your car keeps all four of its wheels on the ground at all times.

When the less pleasant weather of the warmer months brings in rain and fog, you’ll still have no trouble navigating the roads. This is due to the rear fog lights and rain sensing wipers that come equipped with the E 450.

While summer and spring driving can definitely present some challenges of their own, the winter season is when driving really begins to get rough and tough. In many parts of the country where winter means snow covered roads, there are a lot of vehicles that just are capable of handling the driving conditions. However, the Mercedes E 450 is not one of them.

In order to make sure that you maintain a good visual of your surroundings at all time, this model comes equipped with several features necessary for winter driving. The vanity side mirrors, which are also heated, and the rear window defroster give you a frost-free view of everything beside and behind your vehicle.

Being able to see all around you is only helpful if you manage to keep your vehicle safely driving on the road though. The exceptional traction control and brake assist features help to keep your vehicle on the road and in control on even the most ice and snow covered roads.

Having a vehicle that can perform exceptionally well all year long is important. If you wanted to come test drive a Mercedes E 450 today then stop by your local Mercedes-Benz of Bloomington.

Visit your local Mercedes- Benz of Bloomington dealership in Normal, IL to check out our extensive inventory of the Mercedes E-Class E 450 or call 844-833-1036 to learn more.

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